Buying Baby Food & Snacks via iHerb

~ Posted on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 12:05 PM ~

Just last week I blogged about buying books online via The Book Depository, and now I'm blogging about buying baby food and snacks via another awesome website called iHerb.

I stumbled upon this website after seeing a posting from a mummy in a breastfeeding group I used to frequented in. Found out the baby food and snacks that my 11 months old girl taking now is sold there so so so so so cheap! Here in Malaysia, the organic puffs are sold in local supermarkets for RM24 (around USD8 a bottle) and on this website, it is sold at USD3.77!!

Cheap right?! And the delivery charges is reasonable as well as long as your items are within the appropriate weights.

I immediately checked out the website and before long, found myself adding the organic puffs into the online cart and placed my 1st order. I was also motivated with my purchase as there is a coupon code which you can use for first time buyer - an awesome USD5 off your first purchase!!

The following day, I was thinking, "Hey, why not buy stuff for myself and my boy?!" And yup, I browsed through the website again and placed my 2nd order, of course, this time a bit more pricey since I cannot use the coupon code anymore but it was totally worth it as it is very cheap compared to those being sold here in Malaysia!

Oh, did I mentioned you get to choose a freebie item for every order you make? Awesome right? I chose some samples packs for muscle & joint pain cream for my MIL. Hope it will help ease her pain when she uses it!

Without further delay, these are the stuff I got in my first 2 orders:

I will definitely order again - those organic puffs are a steal and I'm so glad I found this website. Now if you plan to purchase from the website, do copy my coupon code below to use for your first purchase, I repeat, ONLY FOR FIRST PURCHASE!

My coupon code is: FOZ116

Please note that I get 4% commission from your 1st purchase and there are further commission range when the people you referred to with your own unique code started buying from iHerb too, so you save, I save, everybody save, yay! Delivery takes about 2 weeks for my case and they both arrived together in a nicely packed parcel with some other freebies as well!

What you need to take note when you order from iHerb are:
- Make sure your total items are below 1.8kg so that you can choose the cheapest shipping methods (USD4)

- Choose the most worth it to buy items if it is your first purchase since you can only use the referal code ONCE for your first purchase

- Don't forget to select a freebie item from the website as well (you get 1 freebie for each order)

- Try not to get the organic puffs in your 1st order as I personally think it is not worth it to get in your first purchase. iHerb measures the ordered items' weight based on the size of the products, not the actual weight and these organic puffs I got are quite large and long, it takes up space in the packaging box, if possible, you should only get these puffs in your subsequent orders :)

Do feel free to ask me if you have any questions with regards to purchasing from iHerb! Will try to share my feedback if I can! I'll be adding my product review feedback on my page at:

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hi. may i noe nid to register as member if wan to buy from iherb?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
You will need to create your account and key in your details (address, contact, credit card), the next time you buy from iHerb, you don't need to re-key in all those details. And you will be given a referral code to share with your friends and family members (you will then earn 4% commission from their first purchases and so on - need to read their commission structure, basically no lost as we are still buying anyway)


hi dear, how about shipping method?


ya..done.using ur code and buy some as ur recomend to my using DHL ..izit ok??im excited now...wen will i get it ho..

Nicole Wong

wow! u bought so many items! must be a very good product!! must try!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
Sorry for the late reply. If your items are above the lowest weight bracket, then you have to choose between UPS or DHL, else if it is still below the lowest weight bracket, then it is about USD6 for the shipping. Both my orders are using this shipping fees. Thanks for using the code and hope your items will arrive on time! What you bought ya?

Hi Nicole!
Not a lot la... Just the puffs for my girl, some organic biscuits and lollipops for my boy, VCO and chocs for me Smile


looks good! I may try the chocolate since you recommended it so much. Smile
First time heard of organic lolipop, how organic can sweets be??

p/s: saw all your upcoming giveaways are all for US residents, so jealous~~~~~~~~


Hi dear, I have created an account but didn't get any referral code as you mentioned not sure why. They will send it to our email address or will be given right after the registration?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jani!
Yeah, let me know what you think of the chocs! Make sure it is choc milk! Yummssss! I ate 1 bar already Frown

As for the giveaways, yeah, sorry but most of the sponsors prefer to do US giveaways because of the shipping issues Frown

Hey Mandy!
You will have the referral code once you have made the payment to purchase. You need to get the referral code from


oh using DHL wonder so expensive.:<

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
Aiya... if your items are within the lowest weight range you should be able to see the lowest shipping fees (USD4-6) else, once your items above the weight, you can only see DHL or UPS. Nevermind, nevermind, next round. DHL safe, can track the delivery. The cheapest shipping method cannot track so have to worry everyday and crane neck watch out for postman :O


Hi dear, thanks ya. Will try again.


do u charge by custom?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
Nope, my 2 orders never got charged by customs, but I'm just buying snacks anyway, no medicines or prescriptions Smile


hi dear, until today i stil din get my things even i paid so exp.just now call up DHL, they said they nid to let the medical team check first, then pass to custom, then i just can get my parcel cos it stated my product is heath supplement. BUT actualy i order all is baby organic puff and cookies. SO dspointed.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!

Aiyo so poor thing! I suspected it might be due to Raya holidays as well that things are not so fast Frown

Do you have the tracking number? According to the website:

"If you choose DHL or UPS International as your shipping method, we will send an itemized invoice along with your order. These invoices will indicate the name of each product you ordered, the quantity of each item, and the cost." how come can indicate as health supplement?!!  Frown


hi dear,
today im so sad and get mad.i called up DHL and they say my things need to go tru medical team cos it stated health supplement and i kena RM 13.16 custom fee, and DHL aso wan charge me RM20.00 for service charge.Although i explain that my things does not haf any medicine supplement but they oled charge ( actualy they r not survey or read properly my invoice).im so dspointed.i think iherb shud not stated there:health supplement.i dun understand hw come DHL local stil wan to charge me Rm 20 for deliver my parcel to my i noe my shipment that i paid supose from iherb to my house adress, hw come i stil nid to pay???i tink i dun wan order make me heartpain.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
Oh my! That is such a bad experience! Can complain to DHL and iHerb side? And yeah, why DHL is charging extra!! That is such a bad thing to impose on you!

Also makes me heart pain to read about your situation Frown


today finally get my things.actualy i ordered almost same with u bt i kena sad...sumary is better dun use DHL, use normal and cheap post, may be can easy get it without custom charge.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!

Glad to hear you received your items! If your items are below the lowest weight bracket (1.8kg) then should just go for the 1st shipping method, which is the USD6 cheapest one. Once your items surpassed the 1.8kg, you can only select either DHL or UPS with tracking. If you noticed the picture in my post there are actually from 2 orders (consecutive days). I hope this bad experience doesn't deter you from your future purchases! Smile


hi, thx again.lucky my gal enjoying the lolipop and organic puff. U know hw come they open up my parcel and charge me cos they tink tat organic puff is medicine!so so shameful as malaysian cos they dun noe hw to read and search b4 charge poeple.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Adrea!
Jorrrr... how can they open up like that?! Or is it because Raya time they want to cari makan? Tong


Hi dear,

I've place my first order and using your code. Smile
Is it I can get my own referral code from right after I made my payment?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Mandy!
Yes, yes, once you made your first purchase, you just login to the rewards page using your email and password and you will have your own referral code already. You can then pass on your code to your friends and family to enjoy the discounts! But remember, only for first purchase! Thanks for using my code! Smile


Hi Dear,

Okies. Will login to get my own referral code and thanks for recommended this page, it's really worth to buy the organic puff and the yogurt snack. Very expensive to buy in our own country. Frown And after several tried on edit cart I found that to place my order separately so that I can get the cheapest shipping. Will get my friends/relatives to sign up definitely. Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Mandy!
Yeah, I also had to crack my head to determine which goes into the 1st order so can utilise the discount code more hahaha... Happy shopping! I'm planning for my next order already hahahah...


Hi. Made an order from iherb but instead of using my credit card, I used my debit card coz I don't have a credit card. I wonder if it's ok? Any experience with using debit card? I'm also worried about d customs clearance issue since I ordered about 13 items.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Victoria!
I bought using my credit card but I have an online friend who tried to use her debit card but failed. She called up her bank and found out that her debit card is not allowed to be used for online transactions. Maybe you can find out from your bank first? Do take note some credit card/banks charges extra for overseas transactions. And take note of the lowest weight range in order to enjoy the cheap shipping fees! Smile


hi.i've bought some medicine like cough syrup,migrain tablet, cold tablet from iherb and choosing dhl for shipping but never have problem with the custom charge. i've ordered twice. the second time reached only 5 days after purchased (including weekend). i am very satisfied with both iherb and dhl service. might buy something in the future coz they got everyting that are not sold here and works well too. the things i ordered usually homeopathy products.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Muslina!
Thanks for sharing your experience! 5 days is very fast!


it just happened that i stumble on your website and i am too a customer of iherb... i just ordered two items of saint john wort and fish oil to maintain my emotional outlook since i have a depressive disorder.
im wondering what if our shipments are being restrained by the customs?
do we need to pay for custom fees and how much would that be?
lastly, where do we make that payment?

p.s:never ordered anything from online sites before ;)

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Fadhil!
I have a blog fan whose order got withhold by customs. She had to pay extra as she's using DHL to send to her. What happened was DHL had to collect from there and charged her extra for that trip Frown


hi Jenny..  Im planning to buy milk thistle  from iherb. This is my first time shopping online and from overseas. Do i have to buy their products above usd60 to get free shipping? Or i can just buy at any amount? Tq very much.  Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Aimi!
Thanks for your comment! As long as your total items' weight is below 1.8kg, you will need to pay the cheapest shipping fee which is USD6. Normally I target my items within this weight range because anything above this weight will be UPS delivery mode and it goes above USD23 for the delivery. USD60 purchases a bit difficult to achieve if you ask me Tong

Don't forget to use my coupon code which is: FOZ116

You get USD5 off your first purchase. Try to buy something which are not easily available or which are pricey here in Malaysia (if that's where you are located) and don't forget to click the Freebies link as you get to choose 1 freebie for each purchase Smile


I order my progesterone cream from iherb regularly, pharmacies here don't sell, always arrive within 10-15 days but latest order on Dec 15 not arrive yet... hopefully it's because of holiday season & not because of customs... anyone got experience if kena customs how long before they inform you?


i googled iherb and reached your blog.
may i ask you regarding delivery?
i want to buy some supplement such as omega3, primerose , multi vitamin and calcium...
i'm korean living in KL . in korea upto 6bottles are allowed without tax clear.
i have no idea customs clearance in malaysiaFrown
have you received those supplements?
do you think i can get them safe???
i am worrying so couldn't make payment yet....

if you have any idea ,please advise me

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Stacey!
Thanks for your comment! So far, from the feedback I get by others, there's an incident where the parcel get hold up by custom as the weight is above 1.8kg (delivered via DHL). I've so far maintained all my orders under 1.8kg as I want to enjoy the USD6 delivery charges (the lowest rates) and have never had any parcel hold up by custom. But then, I've never ordered multivitamins and supplements as my orders are mostly snacks and food items (and a toy once) Sorry couldn't provide more details to you.

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