Our Favorite Children's Clothing...

~ Posted on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 at 7:55 AM ~

We are a big fan of fish-net type of clothing for our kids. We started using it when Benjamin came along in March 2009, we even reuse some of his clothes with our second child, Alyson.

We just love, love, love this type of materials!

Fish-Net Clothes

As we are staying in a country with hot season all year round, these clothes are the best as it is airy and light and comfortable too!

Our kids wear it when it is hot, and even when they are having fever! I recommended these type of clothing to a lot of mummies online and in the forum I joined in as I believe the fish-net design helps release the heat from our little one's body and also cools them down faster.

And these type of clothing is not expensive at all! I normally get the blouse for about RM5 each (that's less than USD2 each!) and it lasted so long! I even have one blouse which was a hand-me-down from a nephew, which I think the blouse should be about 5 years old now!

So this post is just to share with you guys our favorite children's clothing!

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Yea my kids wear these at home all the time. Wear nice nice is only for going out


Yup, yup, extremely nice material to wear in this hot and humid weather.
And easier to wash too and maintain it in good condition as less material to stain ... if you know what I mean  Laughing


Aiyo, I wanna cubit Alyson! Mine already outgrown the clothes already. Still got for 3 plus ah?


oh.. i love Alyson!!! she is so cute!!!

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