Fever One After Another...

~ Posted on Monday, October 8, 2012 at 11:51 AM ~

My 13 months old girl was down with fever last Friday and as usual, we will let her wear the fish-net type of clothing and keep putting on wet hanky on her forehead to bring down her temperature.

She recovered on Saturday though she was still a bit weak. She normally likes to point at stuff when she wants something, but when she was sick, her pointing is also weak, the hand is outstretched but finger is still weak and pointing down. I'm so glad she was not fussy at all when we collected our Nissan LEAF car during the official ambassador launch event.

And on Sunday, it was my 3.5 years old boy's turn to get fever. I have been administering paracetamol to him every 4 hours when his temperature exceeds 37.4C

On Monday 8th Oct, his temperature at 3.30am was 38.4C and at 8.20am was 38.7C. I immediately bathed him in lukewarm water, change a new set of fish-net clothes for him, feed him his breakfast (oats with raisins) and then he pooped and continued watching his TV (guess it will be relax day for today).

Btw he was still active, alert and playful as usual though a bit more quiet when his temperature was at 38C-ish. And yeah, he kept taking off the wet hanky I put on his head so in the end I decided to do this:

Found an old hairband which I don't use anymore (my hair is short nowadays), wash and wet it and put it on his head. DIY at the spur of moment, as long as it works. His temperature at 11am is 37C, so I hoped it will go down and back to normal soon.

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Oh dear! You must be really worried.  I hope Ben will get well soon.  Probably it is due to the hot weather lately.  Let him drink lots and lots of water.  U too take care and rest well too.  

Dominique@Dominique's Desk

Hope that Ben gets well soon. My little girl too is down with fever. Weather has been simply terrible here.


Awe - hope they are both healthy soon!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thank you all, Ben's fever broke and he's back to his chirpy self!


I hope everyone feels better soon!!

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