Ikan Bilis (Anchovy) Powder

~ Posted on Friday, December 28, 2012 at 7:34 AM ~

You know what's nice to belong in an awesome mummy group that helps each other and share their recipes? I am so happy to learn this recipe from the mummies in this SAHM group I joined in and decided to give this a try.

Now what you do is:

- Buy ikan bilis (aka anchovy) preferably those that are already cleaned and without heads and tail.

- Wash the ikan bilis to remove the excess salt and domoic acid (this is what I read from other website)

- Drain the ikan bilis and arrange them as a flat layer on a baking tray.

- Bake at 170C for about 10 – 15 minutes.

- Blend them into powder form.

- Store in airtight container and it's ready to use when you cook!

Ikan Bilis Anchovy Powder

Btw, just to share my initial reactions when I tried the ikan bilis powder (I made noodle soup) - it had some burnt after taste and upon finishing my bowl of noodle, I found the remnants of the ikan bilis powder at the bottom of my bowl. After checking with the mummies in my SAHM group, I was informed these observations are normal.

Burnt after taste might be due to over baking - so I need to either reduce the temperature or cut down the baking time. As for the remnants (also known as 'jah' in Cantonese) this are perfectly normal as the ikan bilis powder is not water soluble so it is alright to have remnants left. And now I ponder why the ikan bilis stock powder that we bought from the supermarket is easily dissolve in water... hmmmm...

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you give this a try too!

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That looks yummy! Have you made it again without any errors? I would like to know what it would taste like. :]


I don't usually use ikan bilis, I will use the 'one side fish'.. fry with my airfyer, and then blend... fuyoh.. yummy!

Miki Chua

when u cook porridge also can put some in, cook vege also can sprinkle some on top... both my sons had these

Chrystal D

Great idea and so much cheaper! Thanks!

Ng Pei Fung

Will try it out Smile

Trish F

I've never heard of ikan bilis.  I guess this is used for chinese cooking?  I'm not big on anchovies but my nutritionist says I should eat them.  High in protien I guess.  Well good luck with your home made version.

Choua Vang

This is very neat. Love it!

JJ Caraway

I want to try this recipe.. sounds like it would really enchance the taste of soups, stews and gravies.  


that's looking an original powder


My mom would love to have this recipe. I am not a fan of Anchovies

denise smith

i really dont like anchovies but my sister does i will share with her

md kennedy

My husband adores anchovies in any shape or form. However, I just can't take anhovies - fresh or salted.  There is something about the texture (furry?) that sets me off.  However, I love the idea of powedering them for the flavor.  Thanks for the recipe!

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