Weaned At 45 Months Old...

~ Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 6:55 AM ~

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... my almost 4 years old boy finally weaned from breastfeeding.

Yes, you read that right. Almost 4 years old. He's 46 months old now in case you are wondering. 2 months shy to being a 4 years old kiddo.

What do I feel? Oh well... it took me sometime to acknowledge this is happening. Correction, that this has happened.

It took me some time to write this down that I have weaned my first child.

I feel sad of course, Benjamin is my first child, the one who started our breastfeeding journey. One of the reasons I quit my IT job is to breastfeed him for at least 6 months and then decided to continue once I became a SAHM.

The ups and downs (well, honestly, mostly ups!), I direct latched him and demand fed him and he nursed through my pregnancy. Yes, nursed THROUGHOUT my 2nd pregnancy.

I cannot forget how disgusted I felt, how I was mad and angry at him for wanting to nurse when we brought Alyson back home from hospital. I don't understand why just months before giving birth to my 2nd child, I was so eager and anticipating a tandem nursing journey and the moment Alyson was born, I never imagined I could feel the complete opposite.

That I hated Benjamin for still wanting to nurse. That he's stealing all of mummy's milk and starving his baby sister.

I don't know why I have all the hatred and disgusted feelings until I researched more and finally acknowledging that I have nursing aversion and that I am struggling and trying to cope with tandem nursing..

And the moment I acknowledged that, I felt a burden lifted off my shoulders and realised all the hatred and disgust were just in my head. My poor boy doesn't know what he did wrong to have mummy being so angry at him everytime he asked for his feed.

I thank God it only took me 1 month to get over my nursing aversion (I read online a lot of tandem nursing mothers takes months, some more than a year to get over the aversion)

So, since then, Benjamin, Alyson and I continued on our tandem nursing journey.

Me tandem nursing Ben at 3 years old and Alyson at 6 months old...

I have always stressed to anyone asking me on weaning my boy that I am practising the 'Don't offer, don't refuse' method.

Meaning, I do not offer my child their feed. But if they ask for it, I will not refuse it either. It has been that way and everything is fine and dandy.

I do not believe in stopping the feeding just because I am pregnant or just because my child gets past 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and so on.

I do not believe that nursing beyond toddlerhood means the child is going to go on forever and ever.

I do not believe in all those crap.

I believe in letting my child decides when to stop.

I believe that when they are older enough, they know when to stop.

And so we come back to my post today...

My boy has finally weaned at 45 months old.

I teared when I think of him no longer needing to suckle from mummy.

I teared when I remember back our breastfeeding journey.

How I could easily comfort his pain, fears, discomforts, fuss, crankiness with my breastmilk...

How my boy falls asleep after nursing from mummy...

All by breastmilk. And no formula at all in the house since we brought him home back from hospital in March 2009.

But I tell myself this also means my boy is growing up and moving on to other exciting milestones! So yes, this full-time mummy has got to learn to let go...

Oh heck... typing this post makes me tear up too...

I just want to write this down so that Benjamin knows mummy truly cherished our breastfeeding journey together and that nothing will change any of this. We still move on with our life and continue enjoying our bonding and mummy hopes that he will understand and appreciate what we have been through.

Picture taken of Benjamin nursing at 43 months old...

I'm a full-time mummy

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Goof for you! I made my daughter stop on her 4th birthday. She was my third child, and her little brother, who tandem nursed with her, was 26 months old when she stopped. He went on and weaned himself when he was 3 1/2...


So good you get to breast feed for so long. I stopped producing milk in my second month. Not sure if it was my health or my diet. Both my son have to feed on milk powder. Anyway they stopped drinking milk by the time they turn one, on their own, not sure why. Luckily now they still love milk, those fresh milk in box from the supermarket. When they turn one, they refuse to drink milk despite us changing to so many different type of milk. Once they enter kindergarden, they started to drink milk again but not on a daily basis. Happy parenting and blogging to you.


oh.. how nice... I'm still on the journey and waiting for that moment she decide to stop herself... I've gone through the journey of 'forcing' but no use, now just let it be la..


Oh I'll also feel very very sad when my gal wean off one day! Really enjoy the ups and downs of nursing journey. And like you, most of the times are ups! I love how nursing can comfort my gal, how she needed so much on mommy...


aw~~ i can feel you when J shy off from my breast at 8-9mth. Thinking back all those memories.. but then.. yup he is growing into a big boy.. so on the other hand u shld be super happy about it! Or maybe u can try 3rd bb so u can still tandem nursing Tong

So are you going to replace with fresh milk or formula milk?


Wow that was a beautiful touching post!  I am so proud of you for sticking to your beliefs and I am jealous too because I wish I could have done this with my Son.  My breastfeeding journey was short with both my boys but I feel great that I did my best and at least they got to nurse.  I am just so inspired and happy and proud1!  Way to go MOM!!  I wish there were more Mom's like you! Thank you so much for sharing, I will carry this with me and try harder with my next child!


I was never able to nurse past one year, but I loved being able to nurse. What a wonderful sensation of nurturing your child. Nothing else is quite like it.

Mitzi Fisher

Love the review. I wasn't able to Breast feed my son.


I believe in letting our child decides when to stop and I do believe that when they are older enough, they know when to stop. My daughter was also weaned from bottle feeding and diaper when she was 4 years old too!

Lynnette Watkins

Lynnette Watkins says:

I also let my daughters decide when to stop nursing. If you keep up with the new health reports, they are saying breasting passed 12 months is more beneficial to the mother than the child. It will decrease your changes of Breast Cancer.


Thanx for sharing Smile


Wow, it took him 4 yrs to finally decide to stop. For sure you and him will miss the bonding of breastfeeding so much.

Huguette English

Good for you.  I tried breastfeeding my first and it hurt so much, I can't imagine feeding more than one.

denise smith

congratulations thanks for sharing

Jennifer Mae Hiles

Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

I tried breast feeding and had no luck. Then I tried pumping and that lasted for about 4 weeks. Now I really wish I would have stuck with it.


So cute! <3

Holly Trudeau

Holy cow, kudos to you! I did six months and I thought that was long lol, I can't imagine four years!That's some determination!

ashima gupta

What a touching post ... lovely Smile

Christina Kelbel

Christina Kelbel says:

Well this is a little bizarre and creepy to me but, to each his own.

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