The 2013 Big Bad Wolf Books Preview Sale

~ Posted on Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 11:07 PM ~

Last week, hubby received the free passes to the 2013 Big Bad Wolf Books Preview Sale and so this post is to document down our 1st experience in attending the preview sales. I have attended the BBW sales in 2012 but that was like in the middle of the sale period and I was there for 2 hours with my SIL who babysat Benjamin (they went to the indoor playground there) while her pre-teen daughter went to the sale with me babywearing Alyson then.

This round, hubby accompanied me to the preview sale. We left Benjamin and Alyson at our SIL's house and only brought Carolyn along (she's in her stroller the whole time) I told hubby to take charge of the luggage bag while I just took the Toysr'us bag with me while I pushed Carolyn in her stroller. Here are some pictures taken that I can share with you:

Basically for this round, I am going for children books (mostly Scholastic ones) as well, price ranging from RM3 to RM15 for the ones I got. I think this year selections are not as interesting as last year's though I am VERY happy I get to buy a couple of Scholastic books which definitely are expensive (as I googled on Amazon before hesitating to buy due to the price)

There are quite a lot of encyclopedia/picture dictionaries for childrens as well though I was not interested in them at all. I was more interested in getting activities and learning books for our 4.5 years old boy who is going to start his pre-school in Jan 2014. I would like to get him something to nurture on what he learned in his pre-K later - something he can do when he got home from his pre-K classes (half day). I also managed to grab a couple of toddler books for our 2 years old Alyson (learning ABC, 123)

Pictures of some of the children books I managed to snap to show my buddy over WhatsApp:

Pictures of the view inside the building:

I gotta stop to breastfeed our 2 months old girl somewhere facing zone E, which is very nice and cosy though I had to sit on the floor. I don't mind really... :)

Pictures taken as we went to one of the aisle to pay for our books. The staff are courteous, helpful and quick to act. Good job! Too bad the credit cards machines jammed up and took VERY long to respond, we ended up paying with cash as we couldn't wait any longer.

We were there from 5pm to 8pm and total damage RM412. Pictures of our loot (kiddos, mine and hubby's - some of the books are for our friends and clients):

From what I can remember on the floor plan,the moment you enter the entrance door, all the way straight in is the children section, right side has young adults section, the toilets are located on the right side as well, cashier lanes on the furthest left side. Books on the left section are religions, self-help, travel (lots of them), cookery (lots of them too!)

That's all I can think of to share for now! Feel free to ask and share on my Facebook page if you have questions or feedback!

(** Apologies for making you hopping to my FB page as I have disabled the commenting features on my blog due to the excessive annoying spams that keeps attacking my blog the moment I enabled the commenting feature.)

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