Onion Remedies For Colds & Coughs

~ Posted on Monday, January 6, 2014 at 8:34 AM ~

We had our last family holiday before 2013 ended where we spent 3 days 2 nights in Penang and in the middle of the holiday, we had runny nose and sore throat and it spread throughout the family (except hubby). On New Year's eve, all 3 of our kiddos got the coughs and runny nose and started coughing badly.

Our 4.5 years old Benjamin is able to blow his nose and cleared the runny nose and is coping well with the cough. Our 2 years old Alyson sneakily dug her nose when I'm not looking and she tasted the snot (arghhhhh!!!), struggled when we gave her the cough medicine but otherwise the cough doesn't bother her much.

The same can't be said to our 3 months old Carolyn. Being the youngest and defenseless, it is a torture seeing her coughing and not able to cough out the phlegm from her throat. I used the nasal aspirator device to suck out her snot so that wasn't a problem at all but we can't figure out what to do with her phlegmy cough.

We do not want to use Vicks on our kiddos especially after reading an article that it can cause babies and young children to have respiratory distress so I posed the question on my FB fan page asking for tips from my followers. Some of them suggested onions. I googled it and tried the approach. You can see the steps below:

Within 5 minutes of putting on the socks, Carolyn cried due to her having slight fever as well but I didn't noticed any sound of runny nose which she has been having since the day before. She cried for a few seconds then was OK. After that she was calm and quiet all the way until I took off her socks 4 hours later.

A very important thing to note is to make sure the onion slice is not too big as when we tried to put on fresh onion slices before bedtime, Carolyn cried followed by Alyson (whom we also put on onion socks as well) - we suspected the onion slices I cut is a tad too big for them and caused them irritations. Initial onion slice sizes was about 1cm n diameter while the ones I gave before bedtime was around 2cm in diameter.

We took off their socks then and we had quite a rough night with Carolyn throwing up the breastmilk right after I nursed her, most likely due to her throat being irritated with the phlegm and the coughing made her vomitted out the milk but I do noticed the phlegm is not that heavy anymore. The next day, I noticed our Carolyn can cough much better and she farted quite often too.

Have you tried similar remedies before? What are they and does it work?

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