Teaching & Learning Moment - Bible Verse Copywork

~ Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 9:40 AM ~

For those who wonders what is copywork? It is actually a reproduction of an original work. In our case, I got our 6 years old boy to copy out a sentence that I wrote on his exercise book. I started doing that for his Chinese language homework he got from his kindy class - to practise writing his name in Chinese and during school holidays, I continued writing single sentences in English and let him do the copywork right after he woke up, brushes his teeth and waiting for his breakfast.

According to this article:

"The purpose of copywork is to get into the child’s visual (and motor) memory the look and feel of a sentence that is corrrectly composed, and properly spelled, spaced, and punctuated."

The idea of doing bible verse copywork came from my sister in law. She shared how her kiddos are doing the same, every morning after waking up, her children will copy a verse (when they first started - now at age 10 they are writing by page everyday) from the bible. She shared the many benefits from doing this with her kiddos:

- intimacy with the Word of God

- good English learning

- careful copying

- handwriting exercise

- spelling development

So, with that in mind, I want our kiddos to follow in the footsteps too!

I googled around for templates to print out (no time to design my own for now but I hope to design myself in future, that way I can customise according to our kiddos). What I did with the free template was I wrote out the sentences to copy (1 bible verse and 1 is where the verse is from) then get our 6 years old to copy twice. First time is follow the dotted letters and the second time is to repeat without any dotted guides. In the box on upper portion, I told him to doodle or write or draw whatever on his mind that he thinks represents the bible verse. Am loving this idea as I get to learn and remember as well!

Bible Verse Copywork

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