Teaching & Learning Moment - Mailing Letters

~ Posted on Friday, March 27, 2015 at 5:01 AM ~

I joined this Facebook group where I get to exchange and even get freebies of angpow packets and after Chinese New Year, I decided it is time to mail out all the angpow packets which I had promised to trade and give aways with the members. While I was carrying our 1.5 years old Carolyn on my hipseat, I got our older 2 kiddos to each stand on one side of the letter box.

I passed the envelopes one by one to our kiddos based on whether it is local delivery or other states delivery.

Now why this falls into the 'Teaching & Learning Moments!'?

* Listen to instructions (Me: 'Alyson / Benjamin, slot this envelope in.')

* Execute the instructions (Alyson and Benjamin dutifully tip-toed and slot in the respective envelopes)

* Train their aiming skills to slot in the envelopes correctly into the small little gap.

* Train their patience level, to wait for their respective envelopes instead of fighting over the envelopes to slot in.

* Give older kiddo opportunity to help out younger sibling (struggling to tip-toe after a while LOL) and opportunity for younger kiddo to express gratitude on help being extended to them.


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