Evening Picnic At Bukit Kiara Park TTDI

~ Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 6:01 AM ~

We recently had a brief picnic outing at Bukit Kiara Park TTDI. Hubby made egg crabstick mayo sandwiches and spicy prawn aglio olio and we invited our sis in law and her teenage daughter along as well. I think we arrived at the park around 6-ish, weather is nice though we actually heard thunder roaring at a distance but thank God, no rain until late at night.

As we were walking in deeper to search for a nice sheltered area (or at least near a shelter area in case it suddenly rains), we saw a big monitor lizard. It stopped for a few seconds, us too, frozen and scared that it might lunged towards us. But luckily it went on its journey and we actually saw the monitor lizard going into the lake and it swam for a wee bit. We lost sight of it as we were busy looking for picnic spots hahaha...

Once we found a nice shaded area, which is just a few feet away from a shelter spot, we spread out our picnic mat, took out the food and drinks, sprayed on the mosquito repellents on everybody and rested. SIL and her daughter brought our 3 kiddos to a playground nearby and after that she got some bubble gadgets for our kids to play with. 

All in all, it was a very nice outing with the kiddos and extended family members. Nice weather, nice scenery, nice people to hang out with :D

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