Angpow Story - Kettle

~ Posted on Friday, June 12, 2015 at 5:58 AM ~

I have been sharing some of my favorite angpow pieces on an angpow collectors group in Facebook and some members have been telling me to continue sharing my memorable stories and so I thought, why not write it down, that way, our kiddos can read about it when they grow up next time, eh?

For those of you who are not familiar or never heard of the words 'Angpow' (also known as 'ang pau', 'ang pao', 'angpau'), here is a quick definition:

Angpow = Red Packet (filled with cash inside) given during festivals

So for today's angpow story, it comes from this 2 pieces of lovely angpows (front and back placed side by side):

Angpow Story
When I see this angpow, I remembered my younger years whenever I go back to my late mum's hometown, my late po-po (means grandmother) used to have this giant kettle(okay, I was really young and little and it looked giant to me).

It was quite terrifying to handle such a gigantic looking kettle at such a young age and I never dared to hold and pour water out of it by myself. I always have to bug my cousins to help me or asked my late mum to pour water for me or continue being thirsty until someone went to get water and I quickly ask along for help to get water to drink.

Until today, I have a mini phobia seeing big kettles like this :P Looking at these angpows reminded me of these childhood times. What a bittersweet childhood memories!

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