Teaching & Learning Moment - Bombardier Beetle

~ Posted on Thursday, June 11, 2015 at 6:06 AM ~

Few weeks ago, I bought a book on "Bugs: A Pop-up Journey into the World of Insects, Spiders and Creepy-crawlies" and our 2 older kiddos seem very interested with this book. Maybe because there are pop-ups insects and creepy-crawlies in the book hehehe...

Anyway, the reason for my post today is to share with you guys something we learned from this book - Bombardier Beetle

Bombardier Beetle

Sometimes, after reading to our kiddos from the book, I like to show them YouTube videos on how the subject looks like in real-life, how it moves, what sound it makes etc. So naturally, after explaining to our kiddos what is a Bombardier Beetle, I searched for a nice educational video of it on YouTube. You can watch the video here. Our kiddos watched it few times, very intrigued with the beetle and I explained to them again and again, how the beetle protect and defends itself from its enemies.

Bombardier Beetle


Btw, if you are interested to get this book, you can get it with free worldwide shipping from The Book Depository or from Amazon website.

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