Teaching & Learning Moment - Magnetic Puzzles

~ Posted on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 6:05 AM ~

As a parent concerned with our kiddos' educational and learning progress, I would often scout for toys and games that I can get for our kiddos, and yet at the same time be an educational tools for them as well. This magnetic puzzles is one of the games I bought with my own money for our kiddos.

If I remember correctly, I bought ours a few years back at about USD7 each. It has a wooden box where you can put the magnetic puzzles inside, one side of the box cover has a whiteboard with magnetic surface while the other side of the box cover has a blackboard surface which you can use chalk to write on. Still love it!

Magnetic Puzzles

This is what our 4 year old girl came up with recently...

Top left: Family portrait (without big brother as she said he's in kindy now)
Bottom left: Herself with a pet dog
Top right: Mummy with a tree and a house
Middle right: Mummy with herself
Bottom right: Mummy with a cat and a pink cloud in the sky

And picture below is what our 2 year old girl did...
Look at the bottom right picture, she said 'lo-pop'.

Magnetic Puzzles


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