Out of Box Thinking?

~ Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 8:02 AM ~

The other day, I was spending time with Ben, doodling and scribbling on this pad of blank papers with him. Then I decided to teach him how to draw straight and curly lines.

So I went and draw 2 vertical lines and at the same time, telling him, "Ben, see mummy draw straight lines, now you follow!"

And then he went and draw this:

Out of Box Thinking

You know what he said while he tried drawing his straight lines from where he stood?

He said "LADDER"

I was gobsmacked!

Never will I imagined he will think something else other than a simple straight line!


I just sat there stunned and amazed at this awesome discovery.

See again close up below:

Out of Box Thinking

The 2 vertical lines were drawn by myself while the horizontal ones were by Ben...


What a genius kid I got here!

Out of Box Thinking


And he's not even 34 months old yet....

My oh my...

I'm a full-time mummy

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Isn't it awesome when things click??! Great job Momma!!


really awesome! You have a smarty pants there..hehe.


Smart boy!!!  Kids nowadays learn very fast!  just yesterday when I picked my boy (28 months), he was pointing to a place and telling me "pakcik there!".  When I asked the nanny, the nanny explained on an uncle staying there.  Lol!  First time I heard he said "pakcik".  


Clap Clap! What a beautiful ladder we have there! Genius boy Ben is Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Oh yes! Thank you!

Hey Carolyn!
Thank you, thank you! Smile

Hey Rose!
Wah, your boy also smart! Smile

Hi Merryn!
Thank you, thank you! Smile


Clever boy! He will continue to surprise you I'm sure! Smile


You seem to be having so much fun as a fulltime mother Smile

Miki Chua

Clever Boy! Kids mind are very astonishing rite? They can just give ur lotsa surprises...

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Germaine!
THank you, yes I hope so!

Hi Thristhan!
Yes! Smile

Hey Miki!
Thank you, thank you! I was really astonished and gobsmacked hahahah...

prince n princess mum

Very smart to think out of the box!~

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