Earning Side Income Doing Courier Jobs?

~ Posted on Monday, May 21, 2012 at 3:15 PM ~

As a SAHM, I often heard from my friends who joke about using their vehicles to earn money as well while they are driving around, going from one place to another. There's also the idea being mentioned amongst friends and ex-colleagues about making use of our own car to fetch other children in the same neighbourhood as well since we have to drive them to school and places anyway.

Other than chauffeuring children around, do you know that we can also earn some side income by doing courier jobs such as delivering/picking up parcels, documents, equipments, everything! Of course the bigger the vehicle you have, the more items you can allow to deliver or ship along!

I came across this website that offers services to all parties: the carriers, the brokers and the shippers. The amazing thing with this company is it allows you as the carrier to search and connect to both customer and brokered loads, then negotiate and manage the brokers and shippers online and also get payment fast.

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Now isn't that amazing to be able to fully utilise your vehicle to earn money since you are going to use it anyway?

If only they implement this in my country. Now imagine one day when my kids are ready to go to school and I have to chauffeur them around, why not do so and earn some side income as well right? Awesome...!

What are your thoughts about this concept?

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