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~ Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 5:11 AM ~

I'm in an on-going process to make more and more flash cards for our kiddos. My current goal in educating our kiddos is to instill their love for reading, do loads of flash cards and worksheets on spelling and writing and hopefully more practice and worksheets on Mathematics stuff later on.

I got some templates of animals and its young from the Twinkl website (loads of free stuff there!) and did some minor customizations based on our kiddos interests and my gauge on their understanding level at the moment. Printed out some pictures, laminate them and use a card ring to hold these cards together for ease of use.

What I did with our kiddos using these flash cards were based on each kiddos' age, level of understanding and learning style.

With our 6 years old boy, I get him to read out the name of the animals and test him on the animals and its youngs - body parts, habitats, how they move etc.

With our 3.5 years old girl, I just flip through the animals one by one while I say out the animal and its youngs' names, their color and name of their body parts and ensure our girl pronounced it correctly.

With our 1.5 years old girl, I did the similar to what I did for our older girl, just that I focused on the adult animals at the moment.

From time to time, I also look for videos on YouTube that shows how the actual animals and its youngs look like and behave in their natural environment. I checked with our kiddos as we watched the video, what are the colors of the animals, how they move, what they eat, identifying their body parts and so on.

Teaching & Learning Moment with Flash Cards

Will share more in near future if possible ;)


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