Flying Elephant, Spinning Cup, Swirly Slide and more!

~ Posted on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 11:30 PM ~

Hello everyone! This is Benjamin writing in on mummy's blog. I think she's a bit tired as we just got back from a short weekend family trip to Genting Highlands  with  Uncle Daniel (that's my 2nd uncle!) and his family.The last time we went there was almost a month ago and we spent the weekend mostly in the Indoor Theme Park.

Apparently, uncle Daniel got a free complimentary hotel room for 2D 1N stay and invited daddy, mummy, myself and grandma to join them. And because Isaac ko-ko (that's uncle Daniel's son or my fave cousin who is 4 years older than me) had an art class on Saturday, we left an hour earlier than them.

During the journey, I of course, started playing around with whatever I can grab hold off, in this case, daddy's sunglasses.

Oh go on and say it... you know I look cool!
Let me think, what rides should I attack first?!

We reached Genting about 5pm+ and checked into our room. We hang around while waiting for uncle Daniel and family to join us. My aunt made us dinner and we all left to play in the Indoor Theme Park after that. It was getting really misty outside, so our plans to play at the Outdoor Theme Park will have to be postpone for now..

After some discussions and calculations, daddy decided to get all of us the Theme Park Annual Passports which we can use for most Indoor and Outdoor rides. Yeayy! Daddy and mummy signed some forms, then we got our photos taken and cards printed and we each were given our card with a lanyard. Mummy had to tied a small knot to shorten the lanyard's length for me.

Immediately after that, we went to try the Ferris Wheel which we did not get to try the last time we were here.

I love it cos it goes round and round, up and down... so fun!

We also tried the Carousel which is one of my fave as well.

We went back to our hotel after that as it was getting late (about 10.30pm). I was already yawning and my mind slowly drifting away...

The next day, we all woke up at 8.30am (OK, they all woke up at 8.30am while I was still happily sleeping.. but hey, not my fault! Nobody wakes me up!) and after refreshing ourselves, we went to have our buffet breakfast.

And then off we go to the Outdoor Theme Park! Yessss! My very first time in the Outdoor Theme park which is quite misty and very cold in the morning. Aunty Phyllis (that's uncle Daniel's wife) did not joined us as she was having a bit of a cold and decided to walk around in the Indoor Park. Mummy immediately put on my leg warmers to keep my legs warm.

The moment we entered the Outdoor Theme Park, we all took the first ride we saw, which is the Antique Car.

I sat in front with daddy while mummy sat behind, busily snapping cool shots of me driving the antique car. During our journey, we get to see other attractions around the theme park and even went through a couple of tunnels.

And then, we walked in further and tried the Flying Jumbo ride. It's kinda weird sitting in a ride with flying elephants all around, but hey, it was fun as we get to go up and down while  we were sitting in the elephant rides. Again, mummy sat alone (poor mummy!) while daddy sat with me. (Mummy however made up by going with me on another round of this ride a short while later)

After the ride, we walked a bit and I went and checked out this pond with a big waterfall attraction nearby.

There are lots of fishes in the pond! Don't they feel cold?! And those fishes are huge!

After that, daddy asked me whether I want to try the Tea Cup ride and I nodded. Of course I want to try it! It looks so fun seeing people sitting in a giant cup which spins and spins and spins! The three of us squeezed into this giant tea cup and daddy told me to hold on to this metal railing in the center.

After the ride, mummy was grumbling about feeling her head spinning. Poor mummy!

Uncle Daniel carrying me
while I look at daddy & mummy...

Soon after the ride ended, we meet up with uncle Daniel and Isaac again and we headed towards the Flying Dragon ride.

I am too short young to try the ride but uncle Daniel managed to persuade daddy and mummy to try the ride, leaving me under the care of him. Mummy looks so sad and worried at the thought of leaving me alone with uncle Daniel and kept on telling uncle Daniel where were my snacks and water bottle in her handbag.

After the ride ended, daddy and mummy got out safely! Yeay! I missed them already! Mummy praised me for being such a well-behaved boy while being left with uncle Daniel and showered me with sloppy kisses.

We then walked back and tried the Astro Fighter ride. It was located near the Flying Jumbo. In fact, the ride is quite similar, only that one is one an elephant, and the other an aircraft.

But nevertheless, I enjoyed the ride as well! Just look at how confident I was while maneuvering the aircraft!

After that, uncle Daniel left Isaac with us while he went back to the hotel and do the check-out procedures. We spend our time at the playground area. It was here that I plucked up some courage to try this weird looking wood plank surrounded with big strong netting. I slowly made my way across the wood plank, taking small but confident steps and inch towards daddy who is waiting for me.

Steady, steady...
Look at me walking across! No hands!

Oh, I also tried a new slide today! The long and tall and swirly slide which mummy has always been hesitant to let me try. She's scared that I might get stuck inside and not be able to crawl up or down by myself. But with Isaac playing as well and daddy saying that it's time to let me try it, mummy then nodded and gave her OK for me to try it!

Mummy keep telling me to sit properly before sliding down and I did have a couple of minor accidents (such as sliding down with my back facing the slide and  sliding down head first... whoooppssss..) but I think I'm slowly getting the hang of it and really enjoyed the slide!

All in all, it was a fun and memorable trip for me as this is my first time playing at the Outdoor Theme Park and trying new things! The hanging wooden plank, the swirly slide, the flying elephant, the spinning tea cup!

I can't wait for our next trip and try all these cool and fun rides again!

Sliding on his own!

~ Posted on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 at 2:27 PM ~

While I was in the bookstore at a family outing recently, hubby and our niece, Bonnie accompanied Ben to play in this small indoor playground (less than 1 minute from the bookstore) and hubby called me up and asked me to hurry over to the playground. It seems that our little baby is now sliding on his own! He no longers need to hold daddy's or mummy's hand while sliding down... Our baby is growing up!!

One minute he's learning to sit on his own...

(Ben at 6 months old - 1st time learning to sit)

And we have to hold Ben whenever he wants to play the slides...

(Ben at 14 months old sliding down with daddy holding onto him...)

And the next minute we see him sitting and sliding on his own!

Yes, it may be a short and small slide, but it's still a big milestone for him (and us!).

My baby boy is growing up! (He's 22 months old today btw!)

Weekend Family Outing at City of Entertainment

~ Posted on Monday, December 13, 2010 at 5:30 PM ~

We just got back from a weekend family outing at Genting Highlands, the City of Entertainment. Went there with hubby's 2nd brother & family and 2nd sister and her daughter, Bonnie (Ben's fave cousin)

The temperature was 20.6℃ when we arrived and we checked into our room and settled down. Had a simple and delicious lunch prepared by my sister-in law and then we all head out for the theme park rides.

Hubby, Ben and I went to the First World Indoor Theme Park and bought us some day pass for the unlimited rides and start looking for the suitable rides to try for Ben.

We tried the Carousel as the queue is short and the rides are not so long. And parents can hop in and play as well. Just as we were about to go in, Ben started showing signs of sleepiness... Bah!! Hubby and I pondered whether to go ahead or not, and then we decided to go ahead and let him try it first. You should have seen how sleepy Ben is - at one point, he actually plopped his head and leaned over to the pole for support (don't worry we're holding onto him tightly!).. hahahahaha...

Genting Family Trip
Ben looking around when we
first arrived...
Genting Family Trip
Ben smiling at the camera
at his 1st ride, the Carousel
Genting Family Trip
He started feeling sleepy,
leaning his head to the pole...

Once the Carousel ride ended, hubby and I decided to head back to the hotel and let Ben take his afternoon nap. No point dragging an 11kg boy all around the theme park. So we started making our way back to the hotel, we took the outside route, enjoying the cool air and hubby and I took turns carrying Ben.

Halfway there, Ben suddenly woke up. He looked around really alert by now, wondering why we were walking outside and started pointing to the rides and attractions outside and again hubby and I discussed and finally U-turned and head back to the indoor theme park... ARGHHHHHHH!! We lugged the 11kg boy all the way back to the Indoor Theme Park...

Genting Family Trip
Ben asleep on daddy's
Genting Family Trip
Ben: "Why are we outside?
What happened to the rides?!"
Genting Family Trip
Ben on the Carousel
ride again...

So off we go, and head back to the first ride we saw, the Carousel again! Ben enjoyed the ride this theme (of course, no more sleepiness!) and once the ride is over, we looked for other rides to try. We tried the Venice Gondola ride, the Rio Float, the Mini Train, and again the Carousel before finally heading back to our hotel.

Genting Family Trip
Ben looking out during the
Venice Gondola ride...
Genting Family Trip
Ben looking through the rails
of the Rio Float ride...
Genting Family Trip
Ben on daddy's shoulder
watching Doraemon show...
Genting Family Trip
Yeap, Carousel ride again and
Ben even patted his horse!

We wanted to take pictures with Doraemon as they were having some show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Doraemon but there are too many people around. Back at the hotel, we hang around a while taking pictures of the Christmas decoration and I even bought a small book for Ben at the hotel's newstore.

On day 2, we had some instant noodles for breakfast (cornflakes and milk for Ben) then top up with some bread toast at the hotel's coffee shop and head to the Indoor Theme Park while the rest went to the Outdoor Park again.

Genting Family Trip
The Christmas tree at the
hotel lobby...
Genting Family Trip
Ben posing for the camera
on day 2
Genting Family Trip
Carousel again for the
umpteenth time...

This time, we didn't get the unlimited day pass as we only have about an hour or so to spend at the Indoor Theme Park before we have to check out. So, hubby bought 4 rides passes (can be used for adults and children but only for 4 rides). We used the first pass ride for Ben's umpteenth Carousel ride. We didn't have to get any as children below certain height must be accompanied by their parents and for this ride, it's free for us! Yeayy!

After the Carousel ride, we went to the Monorail station and waited about 10 minutes. It was quite foggy outside but still there are lots of people queueing and playing in the Outdoor Theme Park. The monorail moves slowly, giving us ample time to enjoy the view from above and all around.

Genting Family Trip
The view right after our monorail
left the Indoor Theme Park...
Genting Family Trip
Ben checking out the rides
Genting Family Trip
Ben still checking the rides

When we saw our monorail heading back into the Indoor Theme Park building, I took a last shot of the view from outside, with the heavy fog circling around the building.

Genting Family Trip
Ben relaxing and enjoying
the Monorail ride...
Genting Family Trip
The Indoor Theme Park almost
engulfed with fog...
Genting Family Trip
Ben posing with a poster
of Doraemon...

I like the Christmas decorations all around Genting Highlands as they have some sort of recycling theme for this year. After admiring the creative and beautiful Christmas decorations, we slowly make our way back to the hotel to prepare for check out at 1pm.

Genting Family Trip
The beautiful Christmas
deco hanging above...
Genting Family Trip
The creative signage made of 
Genting Family Trip
Ben giving mummy his shy
cheeky look...

I took some shots of the view as we make our descend. We reached the city in the afternoon. We had our lunch at the Bukit Kiara Equisterian club and even went to check out some horses in the stables nearby. If you are free, take a look at this video we captured of Ben laughing cheekily and winking at a horse...

Genting Family Trip
The sky view on our way back...
Genting Family Trip
My cheeky boy fell asleep the
moment we left Genting...
Genting Family Trip
Ben laughing cheekily while
stealing glances at the horse...

All in all, it was a fun and totally tiring weekend. It was great to be able to spend some time and see Ben enjoyed the weekend playing with his cousin sister and brother. Thank you for reading this super long post!

p.s: The last time we went to Genting was over a year ago, you can read about the family trip and also about my breastfeeding episode at Genting during that time...